Health insurance plans designed for startups.

Existing options for small-group health insurance are complicated, expensive, and fail to meet expectations for member experience. We've built our plans from the ground up to make offering quality healthcare benefits simple, affordable, and more accessible than ever.

Comprehensive Coverage

Available on all our plans:

• All Federal and California Essential Health Benefits

• Bundled Dental and Vision Coverage

• Access to a nation-wide network of health providers

Wellness & Prevention

We partner with innovative providers to offer additional benefits like telemedicine, wellness programs, wearable tech, and more at reduced or no cost to you and your employees.

Seamless Integration

We work directly with your HR and payroll providers, using modern and  robust APIs to make plan adoption, billing, and employee enrollment, easier than ever. 

The best option for startup healthcare benefits.

Let us help you attract and retain top talent, save on benefits costs, and keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive so that you can focus on creating value and driving growth.

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